Brief Description
Perfect all-rounder, High bleed damage and healing. High hunger time and decent turning radius. Needs a pack to take down large prey, Ambush can catch most sprinting dinosaurs.

IsleNation Category's:
Survival Dinosaur
Dino type: Carnivore, Land Dweller
Pack Limit: 8

IsleNation Gem Economy:
Dino Class: 4

Purchase Price: 60,000
Selling Price: 10,000

Health/Mass: 2800
Speed/Ambush: 34.2 km/h - 44.5 km/h
Total Sprint Duration: 3 mins 20secs
Bite Force: 300n
Base Bleed: 25
Smell Capable: ☑️

Nest Capable: ☑️
Total Grow Time:
3 hours 30 mins
Time Per Stage:
Hatch: 30 mins
Juvi: 60 mins
Adult: 120 mins