The IsleNation
Bot-Commands/Income Guide

Daily 12 hour Gem Income

Discord Role Incomes

Members / Agreed ✔ | 5000💎 every 12 hours
Senior Members | 1000
💎 every 12 hours  
Nitro Booster | 2500
💎 every 12 hours

Donation Role Incomes

Silver Tier | 1000💎 every 12 hours
Gold Tier | 3000
💎 every 12 hours
Premium Tier | 5000
💎 every 12 hours
Legend Tier | 11000
💎 every 12 hours
Nation Sub | 12000
💎 every 12 hours


These Commands are only to be done in the
Bot-Commands-1 & 2 Channel.


- gives you a random amount between 300-3000 💎 Every 4 hours.

!Remind 4h work

 - will ping you when 4 hours is up and you can do another !work command.


- Checks your Cash <-In hand), Bank <-stored gems) and Net-worth (overall gems the important one).

The Gem Cap 
3  mil in cash
1.5 mil in Bank
Total of 4.5 mil net worth.

!bal @DiscordName

- Checks other members Bank accounts.

!With <amount> / !With all
-Withdraws your selected amount of gems from your Bank into your cash .
- Withdraws all your gems from your bank into your cash.

Your cash can go into the negatives, your overall net-worth tell you how much you have all together between your bank & cash combined.

!dep <amount> or all
-Deposits your selected amount of gems from your cash into your bank.
- Deposits all your gems from your Cash into your Bank.

!give @DiscordName <amount> or all
-Gives the @'d member all the cash or a set amount you want it takes it out of your cash, it does not take it out of your bank.

Gem Farming with alts and friends is Not allowed on this Server 

-Shows you the leader board
-The top ten discord accounts with the most gems.





!roulette <bet> <Black or Red>
-Can spend between 100 - 2500 Gems and win if it lands on the colour you chose.

!bj <amount> / "Hit" / "Stand" / "Doubledown"
- Blackjack can spend between 100 - 6000 Gems
- If you think your cards are higher than the dealers hand you can type
doubledown if you are confident and then type Hit, if your cards are higher value than the dealers hand you win, if not you lose your Gems.
- If you think you your cards are lower value than the dealers hand you can type
Stand and get a new set of cards till you are confident you have the highest valued hand.

- Allows you to purchase with your gems, our selection of show off roles!