Brief Summary

Stepping through the thick jungle floor, you hear the calls of a unique creature… a small, nimble, fast… and deadly accurate spitter. Being one of the only creatures capable of temporarily blinding all walks of life as a defencive mechanism so they can make their escape, and while escaping, they can fall from abnormal heights and survive thanks to their unique feathered tail.

Nation Classification

Type:  Herbivore
Economy Class:  1
Combat Rank:  D-
Market Price:  20,000💎 Not for Sale
Selling Price:  5000💎Cannot be Sold

In-Game Statistics 

Growth Time:  TBD
Weight:  160kgs

Bite Force:  15n
Preferred Diet:  TBD
Food Duration:
Thirst Duration:

In-Game mechanics

Primary Attacks


Unique / Special Abilities


Wallowing  Animation


Eating Animation


Dragging Animation