The Isle Legacy

3 maps, Isle V3, Thenyaw Island and DV_TestLevel

Survival mode, Sand-Box Mode

In-game Features:
Growth - Growth, over time currently there are stages.

Night-Vision - Different for each dinosaur, allows you to see in the dark.

Scent - Allows you to see water, food and blood.

Burrowing - Dryos and Tacos are able to burrow in-order to hide from larger prey, however Utah-raptor juvis can enter.

Roars - 5 calls, Broadcast, friendly, threaten, Help and a f call

Bleed - Certain dinosaurs apply bleed with their attacks causing their victims to loss health over time, the more bleed stacked the faster the health drops. Sitting down prevents you from dying from bleed.

Bone Break - Rex is currently the only creature that has a 70% chance of breaking legs of other creatures, slowing them down and preventing them from sprinting and stomping.

Ambushing - Once in crouch a speed boost is applied when sprinting from a crouching position.

Food - Keeping your hunger bar up is important to prevent starvation to keep your dinosaur from dying.

Thirst - Similar to food, your creature will die to thirst

Sneaking - Crouching quiets your dinosaurs footsteps allowing you to sneaky up on other dinosaurs.

Swimming - all dinosaurs are able to swim.

Alt-Turning (Disabled on IsleNation) - allows you to turn on the spot.

Stamina - Sprinting drains a stamina bar, trotting and walking regens stamina over time however Trike, Rex and Shant must sit down to regain stamina.

Nesting - all survival dinosaurs are able to nest in other Players by sitting on nest made by a Female dinosaur, incubate eggs and invite their friends. Certain non-survival dinosaurs do not have this feature.