Brief Description
Highest damage output of any dino able to kill everything with a few bites, Great bleed resistance and heal regen. Very high chance of bone break that comes with great speed/ambush. Sub rex is also highly fun to play. However the trexs lacks bleed and stam regen <- unless sitting) has a short ambush time and can be overpowered/Outnumbered.

IsleNation Category's:
Survival Dinosaur
Dino type: Carnivore, Land Dweller
Pack Limit: 3

IsleNation Gem Economy:
Dino Class: 5

Purchase Price: 150,000
Selling Price: 40,000

Health/Mass: 6500
Speed/Ambush: 33.2 km/h - 43.1 km/h
Total Sprint Duration: 33 secs
Bite Force: 1200n
Base Bleed: 10
Smell Capable: ☑️

Nest Capable: ☑️
Total Grow Time:
6 hours 50 mins
Time Per Stage:
Hatch: 30 mins
Juvi: 100 mins
180 mins
Adult: 100 mins